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... and here you should listen what Grimboldtt admits you to hear ...

Musical compositions can be reached in the player of Grimboldtt's web presence on myspace because of technical reasons. To visit the player click on the following link:

One tip: if a song stucks, press the break button and wait until the song has loaded into the cache of your computer. You can follow the progress in a little bar. If it is finished with loading, you will be able to play the song without interruptions.

Music has always been important for me - at any time. Acoustic stimuli can influence moods and emotions like barely no other sort of stimulus.

In the following you will get a little impression about the style of music and the bands, which formed Grimboldtt to what he is. This is only a little extract of all the bands, which were or are of interest for me.

Up to my 12th year of age I listened to typical radioplays of the 1980s with all that atmospheric sounds and noises and to the radio charts. To this time I preferred bands like Dire Straits, A-Ha and Pink Floyd.
Since that time I started listening to Hardrock (AC-DC) and Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden). Therefor I am not embarrassed but nowadays I have nothing to do with them anymore. Nevertheless they were my access into the world of Metal.
At the age of 13 the whole wave of Speed (Metallica) and Trash Metal (Destruction, Slayer, Sodom) came over me until I jumped on the bandwagon of the growing genre of Death Metal (Death, Immolation, Incantation, Blasphereion) and Grindcore (Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Agathocles) when I was about 15/ 16. That meant a lot of noisy horror for my parents!
I hold on to these both styles and added the Black metal (Immortal, Marduk, Abigor) to my listening-repertoire. At the present day the songs may now be a bit slower than in the past, so Funeral Doom (AHAB, Evoken, Indesinence, Tyranny) gets new importance.

Metal dominates my listening interests but I will not forget some other musical genres like:
 - Mortiis (first era), Falkenbach, Pazuzu, Raventhrone with ambient and folk characteristics;
 - Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Nirwana (Seattle/ Rock);
 - DIVE, Suicide Commando, FLA, yelworC, Delerium, Autechre, Lustmord (electronic music of interest, considered from different angles - rhythmical machine noise to atmospheric and dark ambient instrumental doomsday sounds :.)
 - soundtracks of italo-horror-films of the 1970s-1980s;
 - medieval music like e. g. Corvus Corax.

In music Grimboldtt combines many different noises, tones, monotonous sounds and uses analogue with digital instruments in a minimalistic way with components of ambient and darkwave. He applies voice-styles of Black and Death Metal. Putting all these components together he gets an individual crossover style. So it is difficult to drop into one genre. Not to forget using the syntax of his lyrics in an old way with mostly little dark or horrible stories as content. In every case it is experimental music, dedicated to all the fans, friends and freaks in the world, who are sick of mainstream.


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