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Grimboldtt's video section - the combination of picture and audio - sorted by release date, the latest one above. The lyrics can be read in the category Poems in German language. To open a separate player with all videos click on the following thumbnail.

One tip: if a video stucks, press the break button and wait until it has loaded into the cache of your computer. You can follow the progress in a little bar. If the cache has loaded, you will be able to play the video without interruptions.

Grotesk (Grotesque)

Description/ Story - Grotesk (Grotesque):
Looking into the reflection, water changes its colour and the visible images. It becomes more and more distressing, bizarre and grotesque. This begs the question of what the phenomenon contains and how it ends up. Effects:
Many sorts of warping, morphing, distortion, further in use were soft and hard cuts, transparency, reflection, zoom, slow and fast motions, black and white video and photo clips.


Streifzug durch die Düsterkunst
(Excursion into Dark Arts)

Description/ Story - Streifzug durch die Düsterkunst (Excursion into Dark Arts):
This time I set a slideshow to eerie music. The slideshow contains several examples of Grimboldtt's style of art. Mainly you will find paintings and drawings with different materials (e. g. ink, watercolours, oil and acrylic paint) and different tools (brushes, paperboard stripes or dip pens) or digital creations, chain-belts for wearing, decoration made of silicone, further Grimboldtt's kind of a doll's house, a woodcut and some more...
Were used rarely, because it is a slideshow. But hard and soft cuts, fading in, -out and crossfading were used.


Geister Spuk (Ghost Spook)

Description/ Story - Geister Spuk (Ghost Spook):
Once upon a time the protagonist of this story bought an old house. Unknowing that he caused homelessness for the occupants, a family with several children. The family man despaired and killed all members of the family inclusively himself. As the new owner entered the house, he noticed very fast that something went wrong. He saw several paranormal phenomena and tried to get in touch with them. He found out the secret while the haunting went on and then he perceived the last consequence, which had been left for him...
White noise, frame-in-frame, morphing and distortions, hard cut, soft transition, transparency, image-flip, zoom, slow- and fast motion, freezed images and video sequences (coloured, in black/ white and in sepia brown) and a bit shadow theatre.


Optische Illusion (Optical Illusion)

Description/ Story - Optische Illusion (Optical Illusion):
This is a little visual experiment with the after-image-effect with self composed background music. Staring in the middle of each shown Grimboldtt picture for a minimum of 30 sec will make the brain save this heavy contrast. Then close your eyes immediately and you will slowly get the image in an inverted version. If you have difficulties in seeing this try again staring in the middle for the mentioned while and then blink fast in front of the white screen after every picture. Leaning back and relaxing could be helpful, too. You will find your best method to see Grimboldtt in front of your closed eye, so that Grimboldtt can infiltrate your brain, too ;.)
Hard cuts and heavy black-white-contrasts.


Donner Blitz + Ritual
(Thunder Lightning + Ritual)

Description/ Story - Donner Blitz + Ritual (Thunder Lightning + Ritual):
This video is dedicated to the forces of nature. Lightning and thunder, to one it depends on electrical discharges in the air to another it means the anger and wrath of the gods upon humanity. Grimboldtt presents natural strobe light effects and hypnotic instrumental sounds with some textless growls in Donner Blitz and the outro Ritual with some reversed verses.
Mainly used coloured and black and white video sequences with hard cuts of lightnings- and soft transitions of the Grimboldtt tracks; transparency and dissolve- and opacity-effects could be found, too.


Loch (Hole)

Description/ Story - Loch (Hole):
One day a little mysterious hole appeared in the wall of the living room. It grew every day without any logical explanation and caused restlessness and bad headache. Grimboldtt tried to hide the hole behind several items without any success. At a certain point the hole started mesmerizing him and as it grew big enough it devoured the occupant, so that Grimboldtt left the world. Afterwards the hole got smaller again and the wall closed itself - as though nothing had happened. Slow rhythms and fast motions.
Mainly used coloured video-tracks instead of freezed pics; a lot of hard and soft cuts; many fast motion tracks, playing with opacity and transparencies to get a lot of story into the video.


Zwangsjacke - Bewegungslos
(Straitjacket - Motionless)

Description/ Story - Zwangsjacke - Bewegungslos (Straitjacket - Motionless):
A little trip into the black leather-fetish scene. At first it does not seem to be a typical subject of Grimboldtt, but it is interesting, black and not bad ;.)
Coloured and black/ white sequences; a lot of tracks with freezed pictures were used (but not only!); you will find fast motion, reflecting, pic-flip- and opacity-effects, transparencies, fading, dissolving.


Tribute to Funeral Doom

Description/ Story - Tribute to Funeral Doom:
Grimboldtts tribute to this great dark metal music genre; doomsday atmosphere in black and white with a slow and gloomy sound and deep growls.
Black/ white video-tracks and pictures, inverted "colours" respectively negative images, transparency, a lot of slow motion, zoom, hard cuts, image-flips.


Pestis Medicus (Plague Doctor)

Description/ Story - Pestis Medicus (Plague Doctor):
The Dark Ages. The pestilence raged under the population. The plague doctors had got their hands full, but control about this contagion could not be reached. No wonder, if you search the solution in faith, in safety with flavoursome herbs or in treating with blood-letting. Unknowing the real reasons: the fleas and the rats.
Some coloured video sequences, others in black/ white and sepia brown; hard cuts and last but not least a stroboscope in the form of that flickering "Grim-muzzle".


Blick (Numb Gaze)

Description/ Story - Blick (Numb Gaze):
Everyone meets his master someday! Heavily wounded a great hero died on the field. After a long fight his final opponent won the battle. The seasons changed, time passed by and nature took back what belonged to her. At the end nature and decay were the winners and nobody could remember the hero. Formerly glory is gone. Nothing is built for eternity.
Coloured and black/white tracks, fading, zoom, image-flip, frame-in-frame, temporally distortions; mainly hard cuttings, video-clips and photos.


Höhlengeist (Caveghost)

Description/ Story - Höhlengeist (Caveghost):
The protagonist should marry the king's daughter. Because of the fact that the she was so incredibly ugly, the chosen one decided to rebuff the princess. The result was that the king and his followers angered and wanted to punish and kill him. He escaped and hid himself in a cave, where he stayed, learned to survive until the people forgot him and were he slowly became the caveghost.
Coloured, sepia brown and black/white video-clips; freezed images of photos and drawings; dissolve and transparency, temporally distortions and hard cuttings.



Description/ Story - Finale:
Straitened, no hope, no way out; the confrontation: Death was staring him in the face; it was time to leave the world. Unfinished version of this music-video. It needs to be revised, therefore this is only a raw version.
Frame-in-frame-effect, colour-, black/white-, sepia brown video-clips; transparency, clip-motions, mainly hard cuts.


Finally, you are welcome on the channel of Grimboldtt on www.youtube.com. There you could find samples of Grimboldtt's favourite band-music-videos, commercial clips and film trailers/ teasers, too.


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