... and here you should find out what Grimboldtt wreaks on earth ...

As "product of the past millenium", born in 1974, I grew up without mobile phone, without internet. After I passed the final exam at school, I decided to do job training. I worked for several years in an accounting department, but this was not my passion. My desire for creating underground artworks and starting a dark art-project was growing and I called myself "Grimboldtt". The project was founded in 2005, going under the name of Grimboldtt. This means experimental audiovisual art for a special fanbase with its interests far from mainstream towards to different dark and extreme subjects. You will also find Grimboldtt at:

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Because of irrelevance for Wikipedia, a German project-definition and description can be found on PlusPedia.

In German the name "Grimboldtt" sounds archaic and the further composition is based on the English words "grim" and "bold" and double "t" for the positions of the Christian cross.

The creations include sounds, videos, lyrics, paintings, photos and sculptures. They are primarily concerned with melancholic, depressive, medieval and horrible subjects in different intensities. Every thinkable peculiarity, quaintness or curiosities about what human beings think of or what they create or what they are exposed of could be picked out to make Grimboldtt's kind of underground-art. Only politics and all these politicians does not matter to Grimboldtt although they are strange enough.

Primarily Grimboldtt is entertaining not criticizing even though the chosen subjects seem to be criticism. The conclusion is the criticism to the whole human species because of its disability (in lots of cases).

The logo of Grimboldtt, also named "Grimbol" or "Grimblem" is composed of the following:

G - selfportrait with warpaint - interesting in masking and extreme metal music.
R - hanging body - dubious "fascination" how people could treat each other.
I - claw touching the full moon - symbols for night, mystic and horror.
M - mouth with carnassial teeth - creatures/ monsters like e. g. vampires/ werewolves.
B - devil with goatee/ jester with cap - faith/ Middle Ages.
O - web of a spider - interest in spiders and insects.
L - scythe - tool of the Reaper.
D - Taurus - zodiac sign and symbol for power and stubbornness.
T - religious symbol and form of death penalty.
T - The Cross upside down - equivalent to the previous one, dualism.

Further explanation of the art of Grimboldtt will be described in the separated categories.


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