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... and here you should get news and tell what you have to say ...

Many things are happening in Grimboldtt's world even though not everything is quite obvious. Several projects run the same time, therefore finalisation might be slighlty delayed.

Here you can read the latest news and inside the blog among the category Eure Meinung (your opinion) feel free to make entries like you do in the guestbook or to write critique (English language is possible, too) - both with the comment-option - but no verbal slander, neither to me nor to other involved parties!
Link to the external Grim-Blog - Eure Meinung.

List of the latest news:

    - complete revision of the Grimboldtt-Website;
    - the category drawings was splitted up into drawings and paintings;
    - the twelfth video named Grotesk is now uploaded and can be found on youtube and among the category Videos; German lyrics are added to Poems;
    - slideshow Streifzug durch die Düsterkunst (Excursion into Dark Arts) is online on youtube and linked to the Videos-section;
    - several paintings in watercolours and pen drawings can be found at the categories Visual Arts - Paintings/ Drawings;
    - the musicvideo Geister Spuk (Ghost Spook) is online or among the category Videos; German lyrics added to the Poems-section;
    - 3 models called Grimassen (Grimaces) are wall decoration and added to Mixed Arts and to the shop;
    - Optical Illusion - a little after-image experiment, shaped as a video is online and here in Videos;
    - Digital a new category in Visual Arts;
    - Grim-Saur 01-04 and Grim-Skeletton 01 as silicone wall decoration in Visual Arts - 3D;
    - many drawings from past and present times in Visual Arts - Drawings;
    - the musicvideos Loch (Hole) and Zwangsjacke (Straitjacket) are online and in Videos; both lyrics in the category Poems;


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