Mixed Arts
... and here is a collection what Grimboldtt has done additional ...

Now I have some miscellaneous crafts, decorations and works of art.

spikes-bracelet1   spikes-bracelet1b

Heavy Spikes Bracelet: wristband prototype of imitation leather with four buckles,
151 pieces of 80mm nails.


alien.plaster2   alien.plaster1   alien.plaster3

Alien: massive head made of plaster visually like a typical Roswell alien. Not really a subject of Grimboldtt but due to the mysteries of Area 51 and this futuristic eeriness this head was worth to be created.



Plaster-Skull-Variants: this photo is part of a cemetery diorama with many little skulls. Some of them show how human being can treat each other.


grim-self 01a    grim-self 01b    grim-self 01c    grim-self 01d    grim-self 01e

grim-self 02a    grim-self 02b

Grim-Self 01 + 02: two plaster casts of Grimboldtt's face, made with the help of a friend, then decorated and painted by Grimboldtt.


grimasse01   grimasse02   grimasse03   grimasse04   grimasse05

Grimassen - Series: grey face skin imitations made of silicone to decorate the wall of your cellar, crypt or haunted house. Unsuitable for wearing - only for decoration!

grimassen-rustic-style-set01a    grimassen-rustic-style-set01b

Here is the first set of three pieces in rustic style. Face skins stretched on wooden frames.



Woodcut: cutting decoration of my didgeridoo's surface.


chainbelt10-Pmixed.2   chainbelt3-gr.U   chainbelt4-kl.U   chainbelt9-kl.U.2

chainbelt6-kl.U.2   chainbelt7-gr.U.2

Chainbelts: different kinds of chromed chains with carabiner. Sexy gothic design jewelry.


ring-claw1a   ring-claw1b   ring-claw2a   ring-claw2b   ring-claw2

Claw: left-handed monsterclaw made of papier mâché. Because of the different thickness of the fingers ideal for keeping (finger-) rings. Some pictures of different positions without rings.


claw2a   claw2b   claw2c   claw2d   claw2e

Claw with Murderer-Fingernails: left hand made of plaster bandage and filled with gypsum. Half pieces of bamboo imitate the murderer-fingernails. It can be arranged or be hung up.


claw1   claw1a   claw1b

Claw with Twinned Fingernails: left hand made of plaster bandage and filled with gypsum. Double bended nails were used twice per finger to imitate the twinned fingernails. It can be arranged or be hung up.


latexmask1   latexmask2   latexmask3

Cretin-Mask: made of black latex with many warts on the rough skin, bulging lips and unbalanced eye and mouth openings.


latexmask.with.beak1   latexmask.with.beak2

Mask with Beak: it is the Cretin-Mask with a beak imitation in front of it. This model can be seen in Grimboldtt's musicvideo "Pestis Medicus". In the Dark Ages this bill was filled with flavoursome ingredients and herbs to keep away the plague.


latexmask.double-braid1   latexmask.double-braid2

Mask with Double-Braid: made of black latex with two long but unbalanced braids. Without mouth or nose openings, but with very small holes for the eyes. The braids are deco and not for carrying the hear in it.


leatherface-white.a   leatherface-white.b

Mask Leatherface White: crude sewed pieces of white/ beige leather. The mask is fashioned asymmetric and knowingly styled ugly. Left picture with, right one without flashlight. A black version will follow soon.


bye1.jpg    bye2.jpg    bye3.jpg

Doll's House named Bye in the size of a shoe box: threedimensional artwork/ diorama. It is based on two shirts: "Slayer - Hanging Boy" and "Tankard - The Morning after". You will find both as posters in the room.


deformed-sculpture-rough1a   deformed-sculpture-rough1b   deformed-sculpture-rough2a   deformed-sculpture-rough2b   deformed-sculpture-rough2c   deformed-sculpture-rough2d

Zerr-Plastiken (Deformed Sculptures): rough versions of three distorted faces/ heads made of papier mâché in different sizes. It is an addition to the black and white faces of the "Empfindungen (Sensations)"-drawings.



Indoor Fountain: customary accessory converted into a sacrificial place for human beings. Many variants of crucifixions (silicone victims on wooden crosses) between tree miniatures. And the blood sputters from above.


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