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Thanks to modern technics, which allow creating a new kind of dark art in a digital way! This gives further possibilities of working with other results and the "conventional painting" can be complemented. You will find collages, reflexions and other digital artworks.


Brücke (Bridge):
reflected photo - black and white coloured.


mountains and lake    mountains and lake    mountains and lake

Gebirge mit See - Serie (Mountains And Lake - Series):
digital worlds in melancholic atmosphere.



revised photo of a Roman ruin as a print in black and white on stretched canvas; it measures 70cm x 50cm.



reflected view of a dark wood in autumn winter atmosphere; print in black and white on stretched canvas; it measures 40cm x 30cm.


blind    grimself-collage-evil    grimself-collage-insect    grimself-collage-goblin    grimself-collage-ogre

Grimself - reflected collages:
from left to right: Blind, Evil, Insekt (Insect), Kobold (Goblin), Oger (Ogre)


Tier (Animal)

grimself-collage-tribal-1    grimself-collage-tribal-2    grimself-collage-tribal-3

Grim-Tribal 1 - 3


cave    cave-troll

Höhle (Cave) and Höhlentroll (Cave-Troll) - 2 reflected collages.


bone-trees    skulls    skull-trees

Knochenbäume (Bone-Trees) - Schädel (Skulls) - Schädelbäume (Skull-Trees) - 3 reflected collages.


nibiru-blue-30x40cm    nibiru-red-30x40cm

Nibiru kommt (Nibiru Is Coming) alias Planet X Is Coming:
the often discussed apocalypse in the year 2012 in a cold and hot version - both stand in heavy coloured contrast two each other - two prints on stretched canvas; each measures 40cm x 30cm.


escalator    escalator-spider    escalator2

Rolltreppe (Escalator) - Rolltreppen-Spinne (Escalator-Spider) - Rolltreppe 2 (Escalator 2):
3 reflected images, which pick up the idea of over-technologization.

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