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Twodimensional artworks - paintings - Grimboldtt creats them with different tools and materials in several styles. Using watercolour, oil paint, different paint-brushes or with palette knife. The last tool is perfect to get abstract structures.

The following samples are sorted the latest on top.


Friedhof (Cemetery) - multi-coloured watercolour on A4 paper.


slimy-worship-watercolour    slimy-worship-ink

Schleimige Anbetung (Slimy Worship) in watercolour and ink variants on A4.


headless-insane-watercolour    headless-insane-ink

Kopflos wahnsinnig (Headless Insane) in watercolour and ink variants on A4.



Skeletton (Skeleton) - in black and white watercolour on white paper in size of A4.


distorted grotesque face01-watercolour    distorted grotesque face02-watercolour    distorted grotesque face03-watercolour

Zerrfratzen 01 bis 03 (Distorted Grotesque Faces 01 t(w)o 03) are watercolours with black, red and blue colours - each on A4.


grotesque face01-watercolour    grotesque face02-watercolour

Fratzen 01 und 02 (Grotesque Faces 01 and 02) are watercolours with black paint - each on A4.


Empfindungen (Emotions) - Series: some examples of the complete series, painted in black and white on A4 with paperboard stripes to get edgy structures and proportions. The order of images starts with closeups (the faces) and zooms out over the presentation of complete persons to the third group, the surroundings.

emotions-faces-main    emotions-faces02    emotions-faces03    emotions-faces04    emotions-faces05

Gesichter (Faces) - distorted and grotesque.

emotions-mixform    emotions-woman.sitting.on.the.ground    emotions-man.sitting.on.chair    emotions-silence    emotions-moonstruck

Personen (Persons) - first mentioned faces get "their" bodies and become/ turn to persons.

emotions-sleepwalker    emotions-the.bridge    emotions-street.with.person    emotions-street.with.people

Umgebung (Surroundings) - distortions of proportions and the shown people are more or less an unimportant part of nature.



Self-Portrait with four times graduated colours - single coloured pop-art style.
Acrylic paint on A4 paper.


Different Fetish-Creations in heavy black and white contrast. Black acrylic paint on white paper (A4) causes cool effects with black light. The following samples from left to right:

fetish-nbc-mask    fetish-straitjacket    fetish-straitjacket-diagonal.cross-a    fetish-straitjacket-diagonal.cross-b

ABC-Maske (Gas Mask), Zwangsjacke (Straitjacket) and 2 variants of Zwangsjacke vor Andreaskreuz (Straitjacket in front of A Diagonal Cross).



Fetisch-Büste alias Latex-Hood (Fetish-Bust aka Latex-Hood), painted with black and white acrylic colours on A4.


castle-ruin01    castle-ruin02    castle-ruin03

Burgruine 01-03 (Castle Ruins 01-03) with acrylic paint on circa A4 paper.
Three landscapes with four times graduated colours.


helmet-of-knight-a-19.5x25.5    helmet-of-knight-b-17x25    helmet-of-knight-d-22x20    helmet-of-knight-c-15x24.5    helmet-of-knight-e-20x20.5

Ritterhelme 1-5 (Helmets of Knights 1-5): acrylic creations in three times graduated colours on circa A4 paper. An example for Grimboldtt's passion for the Middle Ages. Some of them were used in the music-video "Loch" (Hole).


dracula-lugosi-20x26    dracula-lee-18x26    creature.of.frankenstein-karloff-19x27    mummy-karloff-20x23

Klassik-Horror-Grusel-Film (Classic-Horror-Film): creations with four times graduated acrylic colours on circa A4-paper. Portraits of classic filmstars playing the lead:
Bela Lugosi as Dracula
Christopher Lee as Dracula
Boris Karloff as Creature of Frankensteins
Boris Karloff as Mummy


nosferatu-scene-1-26.5x17    dracula-victim-lugosi-19x26    dracula-victim-lee-18.5x26.5    nosferatu-scene-2-26x19.5

Klassik-Horror-Grusel-Film (Classic-Horror-Film): creations with four times graduated acrylic colours on circa A4-paper. Scenes of classic filmstars playing the lead:
Max Schreck as Nosferatu Scene 1
Bela Lugosi as Dracula with Victim
Christopher Lee as Dracula with Victim
Max Schreck as Nosferatu Scene 2


bloody.aka.bakterion1a    bloody.aka.bakterion1b

Blutig 1 alias Bakterion 1 (Bloody 1 aka Bakterion 1):
abstract art with heavy black and red contrast with acrylic paint on A2 paper;
both photos are the same painting.


bloody.aka.bakterion2a    bloody.aka.bakterion2b

Blutig 2 alias Bakterion 2 (Bloody 2 aka Bakterion 2):
abstract art with heavy black and red contrast with acrylic paint on A2 paper;
both photos are the same painting.



Schwarzes Papier blutend (Black Paper Bleeding):
heavy black and red contrast with acrylic paint on A2 paper.


foursquared.abstraction1.a    foursquared.abstraction1.b    foursquared.abstraction1.c

Viereckige Abstraktion (Foursquared Abstraction):
black and white acrylic colours with contrast of light against dark with lots of overlaps on A2 paper. All three photos are the same painting, but different lighting conditions.



Friedhof (Cemetery) - water colours and pencil lines on A3 paper.
Painting of an opened portal to a an military cemetery with a full moon and fog.



Kopie von Claude Monet - Das Mohnfeld (Copy of Claude Monet's Poppy Field): a request! The big exception :) Grimboldtt painted impressionistic :).

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